How to become unstoppable

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Magical shredding super powers

Imagine your favorite guitar player on stage. See and hear how cool it sounds when he or she is playing. Feel the emotions you would feel if you where there right now. How would your face look? How much fun would you have? Then imagine taking his place. Switch parts with your favorite shredder and imagine that you are on stage, playing with the skills of a guitar super hero. Imagine everyones amazement. See their faces. How would you feel? Now picture the people you know. Your family and your friends. And put them in the audience as well. See their faces while you hear the music. See their happy faces before your inner eye, How does it feel to be in a position like that? Being able to move people like that? How does it feel to have stepped out of "playing the guitar" and into "Mastering the guitar?"

Emotions move us

Intellectual understanding of "How very convenient it would be to have excellent skills" will not move you an inch. The understanding of the reward you'll get must become emotional. Emotions move us, knowledge does not. This article focuses on the first part of the Motivational formula. Here it is again:

1. You must have a goal that you desire strongly
2. You must have a strategy that you
will get you there
3. You must believe that the effort you must make is
far smaller than the reward you’ll get

What you really want isn't skills

What ever you say you want, what you really want is the feeling that you think it will give you. Human beings don't want things, they want the emotions that they think those things will give them. Think about the last time you really wanted to buy a particular guitar. Close your eyes and see if you can remember the emotions you associated with buying that instrument. What emotions did you imagine you would get out of it? How would it feel to own it? Where does that desire to own a new instrument come from? Who or what creates it? Your mind would have you believe that "When I get that new Fender Deluxe I'll be able to express myself a lot better with that S-1 switching system" but is it the S-1 switching system that creates the desire? Of course not. The fact is, we have a specific "desire strategy" that we run inside our brain. It consist of the things we tell ourselves about what we want and the mental pictures and sounds we create.

You create the fire inside

If you run your desire strategy on something you want to buy, the end result is going to be you buying the instrument. But if you run that same strategy on a specific skill you want, the end result is going to be you aquiring that skill! You can't buy a skill with money, it can only be bought with time and effort. But if your desire is strongly enough, that sacrifice will be easy. To take control of this process, you have to become very conscious of where you place your focus, what you think about and how you think about it. If you want to achieve amazing skills, you must spend your time thinking about how great it will be to have those skills. Anyone who has achieved greatly has done this day in and day out. This is where the internal fire comes from. In other words: You are the source of your desire, not the outer "thing" you want.

Vinnie Moore Legato Lick

Say goodbye to those picking hand challenges and have fun with this impressive Vinnie Moore legato lick. Practice it slow and focus on getting the hammer-ons and pull-offs right. If you approach this methodically, you can really nail this one fast! Mute the strings with you picking hand or put it on your back to make it look even more impressing :-)

How desire becomes an obsession

But there's a way to turn your desire into an unstoppable freight train of motivational power. There's a way to convert the longing for skills into an obsession. This was what happened to me though I didn't create my obsession consciously. What you need to do is link what it is you want, to every other thing you want in your life. When you create an internal web of "wants" to one single spot in your brain, you have an obsession. In other words: When achieving that one goal means achieving most of all your other goals, the desire for that one goal becomes an obsession. Make a list of everything you want in your life and then write down how achieving those skills will help you achieve all your other goals as well. Here's a list of questions you can answer right now to start the process. Read each question, look away and answer them thoroughly in your head before reading the next:

Answer these questions and build your own obsession

How will achieving ultimate killer guitar skills help you:

1. Create amazing experiences?
2. Create more fun in you life?
3. Create more passion in your life?
4. Create more pride in you?
5. Create more rewarding relationships?
6. Earn more money?
7. Live the life you want?
8. Achieve more self confidence?
9. Create more excitement in your life?
10. Create more security and certainty?
11. Create more love in your life

If you're really committed to this process, write these questions down on a piece of paper and ask and answer them several times a day. Create your own questions as well. If you do this enough, you'll establish a mental habit that will light you up inside and drive you towards what you want, faster than you thought possible.