Neo Classical Sequence

 This is a little piece I made based on Paul Gilberts arpeggio string skipping technique. I've added the fourth and the ninth on every arpeggio. But even though each arpeggio has a total of six notes in them (A note more than than the pentatonic scale) they still sound like arpeggios. Add this neo classical arpeggio sequence to your vocabulary by practicing only one arpeggio until you master it. Then move on to the next and practice that. There are only 3 shapes that you need to conquer. Once you have them all down, it's a relatively easy task to put them together. Use the tabs below and start by getting the first bar up to tempo. Practice at a pace where you are in absolute control and speed will follow naturally.


"Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous patience" 

 Hyman Rickover