One String Flying Triplets

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Playing this lick always makes me smile. It's an insane way to utilize position shifting to create a one string sequence that looks and sounds this frantic. But it's also an incredible left hand exercise (If you're a right handed person) Think about it: In order to play any 3 notes per string scale pattern from string to string, you have to change fingering to match the notes on each of the six strings you play. You do the same thing here, but on one string only.

The only extra challenge you will have to deal with is moving your hand up and down the fretboard horizontally, instead of vertically. I hope that makes sense. The point is this: This lick might seem weird and even impossible to play at first, but give it an extra shot and you'll notice that it really isn't that difficult simply because your fingers are quite used to the task. Your left hand will have to fly across the fretboard so make sure you have a very light touch on the back of the neck.

Picking 3 note triplets in this particular sequence and at this speed, can only be done on a guitar in this way. So that's a good reason to develop this technique - and, as I said, It's a lot of fun.

"Energy and persistence conquer all things"

Benjamin Franklin