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You absolutely have to try this out

Posted by The Wizard Of Shred on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, In : Learning Faster! 
- Does perfect practice make perfect? When you practice something with no mistakes at all, will you then develop perfect skills faster? 
For most aspiring guitar masters, practicing without making mistakes all the time doesn't really seem realistic. If you feel the same way you MUST read on. 
In most sports you cannot practice without making mistakes. You can't slow gravity down so you can hit that ball perfectly every time. 

Take your best shot

You must take your best shot and fail over and ov...

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8 things that keep us from getting better, Part 1

Posted by Pure Speed on Saturday, April 18, 2009, In : Get More Out of Practice 

8 things that keep us from getting better, Part 1

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Mistake number one:
Biting of more than you can chew

Because we humans are impatient by nature, we tend to bite of more than we can chew. This is quite normal, but it is not an effective strategy. We suddenly decide to loose weight and since it has to happen now rather than later, we go for a 20 mile run. Then one of two things happen: Etiher we actually run the 20 miles, but because or body isn't ready for that kin...

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