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Feed The Beast & Make Your Passion A Priority

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, July 27, 2009, In : The Malmsteen Study 

Feed the beast and make your passion a priority

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The final Malmsteen lesson

In this last article in this series, I would like to bring your attention to the obvious. From my perspective Malmsteen has one final lesson to teach us mortals and it revolves around the concept of passion. Most of us start out in life with a lot of hope, enthusiasm and passion. But as the years go by we find ourselves with an increasing amount of responsibilities and “stuff” that clutt...

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Breaking Free From The Tyranny Of Time

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, July 20, 2009, In : The Malmsteen Study 

Breaking free from the tyranny of time

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A simple but radical idea

This article contains one very important distinction when it comes to soloing. It’s applicable to any style of music and any instrument really. When I figured this one out, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about it anywhere. At the time, I had read my way through a lot of material on music theory and improvising, but nowhere had I come across this simple idea. I promise you this: If you will, no...

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The Secret Malmsteen Rule

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, July 6, 2009, In : The Malmsteen Study 

The secret Malmsteen rule

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If it doesn't feel great, get rid of it!

The second principle that Yngwies brain seems to work by is the concept of “The path of least resistance” Choosing the easiest way around anything sounds like a no-brainer but in this case it isn't. This principle can make or break your success in shredding and when I started applying it to everything I did, I made so much progress in so little time, I couldn't believe it.

When I first began to s...

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Integrating Sweep Picking With Other Techniques

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, June 15, 2009, In : Sweep Picking Perfection 

Integrating sweep picking with other techniques

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Integration is the key

Sweep picking is a one-of-a-kind technique. It's so radically different to perform than alternate and economy picking (Though it is closer to the latter) For a long time I wondered why I wasn't using sweep picking very much when I was soloing. Even though I was very good at it, I didn't use that technique very much. Then I pin pointed the problem and found out that I needed to integrate the techn...

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Learning Sweep Picking Fast

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, June 8, 2009, In : Sweep Picking Perfection 
Learning sweep picking fast

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More distance means less speed

The more distance there is between the notes you play, the harder it becomes to play them using conventional picking techniques. Picking the notes of an arpeggio, using alternate picking, and doing it fast, can be quite a challenge. This didn't keep me from trying back when I was learning the secrets of shredding. I was an alternate picking fanatic and if you used any other technique to produce the notes - y...

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How To Use All This Now, Now, Now!

Posted by Pure Speed on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, In : Instant Fretboard Vision 
How to use all this now, now, now!

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A second way of navigating

I'm an impatient guy. I like to be able to use what I learn very fast. This article as about the strategy that I have used to go from playing the standard blues scale pattern, to using all of the fretboard and all of the available scales and arpeggios. It's simple, easy and fun to work with. But first I would like to expand a bit on my last article. Yesterday I showed you how I navigate around the fretboa...

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How To Always Know What Scales To Use

Posted by Pure Speed on Monday, May 25, 2009, In : Instant Fretboard Vision 

How to always know what scales to use

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How to make the right choice fast

In this article I'm going to give you a quick, easy tool you can use to instantly know what scale to play over any rock, pop or metal chord progression. I'm not going to go into the deeper realms of music theory, I'm just going to give you a simple and very effective tool.

So let's say you have to figure out which one of the three scale tools you can use to play a solo. Here are the two things y...

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Breaking Out Of Limiting Scale Patterns

Posted by Pure Speed on Friday, May 15, 2009, In : Instant Fretboard Vision 

Breaking out of limiting scale patterns

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The secret to memorizing a map

The fretboard can be compared to a city with it's roads and locations: If you try to find your way around the whole city at once, you have to refer to the map at every crossing and corner. But if you live in one part of the city for a couple of months, you get to know that neighborhood so well, that you can find your way in the dark. And if you then move to another part of the city, the sam...

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The one key that makes all the difference

Posted by Pure Speed on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, In : Get More Out of Practice 

The one key that determines whether or not you will become a master

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You now have all the tools you need to practice effectively and get the most out of what you put in. But what’s going to make you practice? Why would anyone spend hours performing very small and repetitive movements with their fingers? Why do we bother? Well, it’s really quite simple right? We’re doing it to get something. It’s not a new car we want and it’s not a thing really, it’...

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