The Reversed Malmsteen Variation

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In this lick, I use position shifting and a lick from one of the previous articles, to create a third lick. Combining licks in this way is a great way to develop the ability to improvise at very high levels of speed. The more you can combine what you know, the more choices you have.

As an exercise, try to come up with at least one new way of using these ideas used in today's lick. See if you can play the whole thing backwards. Play the lick over multiple strings. Change position with your left hand in another way. Do what ever you can to create something new.

When you feel confident at playing this lick, take it up the fretboard. I'm playing in the key of G-Minor but you can of course play it in any key or scale you like.

"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort"
Franklin D. Roosevelt