50 pages of insane licks

Learn to achieve unbelievable levels speed with Niels' extreme approach to tapping. In this series Niels will take you from simple tapping concepts to the more avanced four finger tapping licks.

Super human playing skills

Let's face it, tapping is and always will be the fastest way to produce notes on a guitar. With tapping you can reach inhumane levels of speed. In this program Niels will break down what sounds like super human playing skills, and make them available to anyone.

Niels developed his extreme approach to tapping by mistake. At a young age he was trying to transscribe and play fast arpeggios that he thought was played on a guitar when they where really played by a sequencer.

He found it impossible to play them using just sweep picking so he developed a tapping style that would do the job. Niels thought he was just playing what someone else had already played, when in reality he was trying to keep up with a computer - and he was successfull at it!

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