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A new level of pentatonic mastery

Imagine being able to not only use the 3 notes per string pentatonic shapes but to really own them. This new level of mastery will influence your sound and playing style, because you'll be comfortable playing lines that very few people have the skills to play.

In this first part of the program Niels introduces you to the 3 notes per string shapes and shows you how to utilize them to the fullest. Niels will explain everything in detail and show you each example very slowly so that you don't miss a thing.

Spicing up the pentatonic scale

The blues scale is just the pentatonic scale with the addition of one note. But this extra note represents a huge difference in what you can do and how the shapes manifest themselves across the fretboard. In these two videos Niels will show you some very effective ways of laying out the notes of the blues scale.

And he will also show you how you can use 3 notes per string  diminished triads to really take this concept to a new level.

7 string craziness

In this bonus video, Niels gives you 3 different examples of how you can utilize the seven string guitar. The ideas he shows you are easily applicable to a a six string guitar as well.

The seventh string allows you to move even lower than the low E-string so you can create licks that sound very dramatic. Niels is crazy about his seven string guitars and the extra options it gives him. Therefore he decided to include this bonus video to show you what  adding an extra string can do for you.


With this program comes a "printed" version of the whole program. In this book you'll find tabs for everything Niels shows you in the videos and you'll find advice on how to perform the techniques and the licks.

Use it as a quick referece guide when ever you want to practice. Once you've seen the videos a couple of times, the tabs will allow you to refresh your memory and remember what you wanted to practice.

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Committed to your results

Niels has agreed to give you unlimited email support with this program. He will answer any question you might have about this program, the techniques he uses and how to get fast results.

This is an amazing extra value to the program and it ensures that you wont be left with questions that you can't get an answer to. When you purchase the program, you'll get a special email adress that you can use.


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