Flow control Praise

"A total breakthrough!! Dude, you're amazing. I'm playing stuff I thought would take me months to learn..." 
Dan Kim

"Since I bought your flow picking course two months ago, I've become so good that I catch myself laughing when I play. Just looking at my fingers while I do the very things I found impossible to do a short while ago. Thanks!" Akatsuki Sanu

"I actually thought there was something physically wrong with my hand since I couldn't learn to sweep pick properly. But after using your practice method for a couple of days I can already begin to see a totally new kind of results. I can't wait to see what happens in a month"  Adam Peterson

9 speed building & skill boosting tools:

Get it right now and cut learning time in half
Build on an effective foundation and develop extreme precision and accuracy from there. In this video I'm going to show you exactly what happens when you sweep pick and what the challenge really consists of. Controlling the flow of notes is the key to sweep picking mastery and this video will show you how to do it, in detail.

After watching this video you'll never doubt whether or not you're doing the right thing. You'll have absolute certainty as to what to do, how to do it and what to focus on when you practice. Focus is everything in this game: If you focus on becoming good at the right thing you'll spend the least amount of time practicing. Running time 29:18

Build laser like precision and perfect timing
What if there was a way to practice sweep picking that would guarantee incredible results? And what if that training method was super easy to apply no matter what skill level you're on? The precision training method is what you need to, not only learn sweep picking at and incredible level, but to also build super human precision and accuracy.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not. The human nervous system is a predictable and and reliable mechanism if you approach it in the right way. If your approach is inefficiently though, you will struggle with even the most basic parts of this technique. This training method will set you up for massive progress and total success. Running time 35:37

Time to impress your friends and scare your pets
When you're on your way to building perfect flow control, it's time to convert those new skills into music. This video shows you how to turn each exercise in the Precision training method into multiple cool licks and sequences. This is where the rubber meets the road. It's the place where you turn your efforts into real results.

When you've used the Precision training method for a couple of weeks, the licks and sequences in this video will be so much fun to play. Your picking hand will be strong, steady and effective and you'll enjoy the added feeling of relaxed control. Running time 53:00

Impossible licks made very possible
No skill is worth much if you can't use it as an integrated part of your playing. The skill of sweep picking must be integrated with other picking techniques for you to be able to use it in a relaxed and fluent way. In this video we're going to explore licks and sequences that integrates multiple techniques along with sweep picking.

What happens when you mix sweep picking with legato,string skipping, alternate picking, tapping and the occasional economy picking? You get an unlimited number of options. Options you can use to create your own unique style. This video will inspire you and make you very creative. Running time 35:14

The sure fire road to sweep picking mastery
Every crucial bit of information and knowledge and every practice technique and learning strategy from this program is put together into this 30 day plan. This is a track for you to run on, a way for you to implement everything that's in here. This Results System is a strategy that you can follow step by step that will take you to your destination.

Why is it a strategy? Because every one can follow it and get the same result. It's like a receipt - it works if you follow it. You can use this 30 Results System if you have 30 minutes a day to practice or if you have 8 hours. The more time you put in,the faster it goes. But 30 minutes a day will get you there if you follow the system, it only takes a little longer. Running time 35:16
The resource you've been looking  for 
This encyclopedia of sweep picking patterns, arpeggios, sequences, scale shapes and ideas can be your inspirational reference point for months and years to come. In it, you'll not only find all the the ideas that I showed you in the program, but also a complete overview of the most effective sweep picking patterns and shapes.

Use it to generate your own licks and sequences by combining and altering the different ideas. When ever you find yourself getting bored with your current sweep picking vocabulary, use the Flow Control Encyclopedia and grab a new idea.
Turbo charge your progress
When you've been using this system for four weeks total.
Get personal feedback on your technique and the challenges you experience by  recording a video of you using your sweep picking skills. When you download the Flow Control System you'll get specific instructions on how to do this.

You'll also receive a questionnaire that you fill out and email directly to me. Within 7 days you'll receive a personal report on your picking technique. This will provide you with important feedback that you can use to chart the final course to your destination. The right piece of information can accelerate your progress radically.


And for a limited time only you get these two amazing bonus videos ($40 value)

High Speed Improvising
The Crazy 710 is a combination of licks that I would call a "bridge" - Learning how to stay in one place and combine lots of different licks is one of the main keys to improvising at high levels of speed. Some licks remain hard to play even when you master them. The 710 isn't one of those licks, in fact it becomes almost effortless to play when you master it. This makes it an extremely useful lick and you'll find yourself using it again and again in many different contexts.

The crazy 710 consists of uneven numbers and this makes it hard for the ear to grasp. It's difficult to sense when the lick repeats itself and that makes it sound new and fresh every time. See preview and read more
Lasting inspiration
More ideas means more inspiration to create your own favorite licks. This video explains each lick in detail. It also shows you how to change an develop each idea into something unique.

You don't need to read tabs or notes as everything is visually explained to you. Add these ideas to the many ideas in the rest of the program and you have enough inspiration to last a very long time.

Offered for a limited time only.

30-day Results Guaranteed
If you are not experiencing more progress than ever before during the first four weeks of this program I insist that you get your money back.

Almost 4 hours of video - a 50 page encyclopedia and 1 challenge assessment

Instant download - only $85.00

7 videos, 1 encyclopedia and 1 challenge assessment

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