A Central Tool That Brings You To Mastery
In this video I'll cover the mechanics of the hybrid picking technique. I'll show you how mixing two picking styles can give you amazing advantages.  And then I'm going to give you two core exercises that you can use to become a master of hybrid picking as fast as humanly possible..

1. How to progress rapidly by focusing on the weakest link
2. How to stay super motivated
3. Core exercises
4. Isolation exercises
5. Supporting exercises
6. The most effective practice routines
 Running time 28:00

The Real Cause Of Super Human Skills 
Anyone who ever mastered anything has used these two principles every day whether they are aware of it or not. Because without them you can't progress fast enough for you to stay motivated and passionate about practicing.

1. Revolutionize your results with the principle of critical mass
2. Progress faster than anyone else with the principle of concentration
3. A practical guide to applying these principles
4. Create the perfect practice schedule
5. How to build on these principles and build super human skills
Running time 22:00

Hybrid Picking Sequences & Licks 1 
There's no substitute for action. We can't think our way to mastering this enormously effective picking technique. In this video I'm going to show you some of my fundamental and favorite hybrid picking sequences. There are so many ways to apply and use these sequences so you'll find yourself using them all the time.

1. The 4 note classical sequence
The Neoclassical variation

Running time 37:00

Hybrid Picking Sequences & Licks 2 
The more licks and sequences you learn using this technique the faster you develop the ability to use hybrid picking unconsciously. In this video I'm going to show you how to develop 2 fast sequences into several other licks. In this way, you learn one thing and use that to play many different sounding licks.

1. The 5 note turn around
2. The 8 note turn around

Running time 41:00

Hybrid Picking Sequences & Licks 3
And the challenge

1. The JSB variation
2. The JSB turn around

In this video I'll show you how you can find 3-4 hours of extra practice time every day, no matter how your life looks at the moment. If you'll try the method I describe in this session and take on the challenge, I guarantee that  you will progress extremely fast the next couple of weeks. If you're up to it and you apply the core exercises and the two progress acceleration principles you will simply not believe the results you get.

And how can I be so certain that you will get amazing results? Because I've seen, felt and experienced what this cocktail of strategies has done to my own development and to countless other
people that I have taught and trained. The Third Power is available to anyone who'll claim it.
Running time 33:00

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