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Improve your technique instantly
In this video I'm going to show you some simple methods and techniques that you can use to instantly improve your legato technique. And I mean instantly. When people come to me for help on this subject, the first thing we do is to separate legato technique from just fretting the notes and not picking them.

By creating simple changes in hand and finger positioning and by separating each challenge within the technique, we create radical improvements in minutes. From then on this technique becomes as powerful as any picking technique.

Running time: 27:32

Force your brain to learn rapidly
In this session I'm going to show you some pretty radical ways of forcing your brain to become very good at this technique very fast. It doesn't sound very nice perhaps, but it's extremely effective. We use very easy exercises but then we give our brain the worst of playing conditions, forcing it to become good very fast.

This radical way of training your brain to completely master the challenges of super legato, is only applicable to learning this type of technique. But I promise you, a few days in the super legato boot camp will change the way you think about this playing style.

Running time: 27:57

The power to build runs on the spot
There's a huge distance between knowing and being able to play a lot of licks to being able to combine them on the spot. In my perspective this is the difference between the amateur and the pro. It's that ability that I used to long for but that I didn't know how to get to: The ability to start a fast run and then to keep on playing while you change and improvise your way through the scale.

In this video and the next I'm going to give you "units of licks" that go together and enable you to improvise at lightning like speed. It looks and sounds like the magic we know so well, but it doesn't require special abilities or talent to do it, just a different approach that you can follow and use.

Running time: 33:54

There where too many licks for one video
These two first licks videos are filled with licks that you can do with hammer-ons and pull-offs. We're still using the pick to change from string to string while the left hand deals with the rest.

The licks in these two videos are some of my favorite ones because they are the most comfortable to play. Your fingers will want to play them once you have them programmed in your nervous system.

There are so many licks here that you can pick the ones you like the most and focus on those until you have them handled.

Running time 36:28

Arpeggio licks and blue scale terror
In this video we'll utilize the special opportunities you get when you master the super legato technique. Because we don't have to worry about the challenges of the picking hand, we can create some incredible sequences and runs with a lot of distance between the notes.

We'll look at arpeggio sequencing and I'll show you some very impressive blues scale licks that are not that hard but very impressive. We'll keep building idea upon idea so that you can strengthen your ability to change and develop each lick as you play fast.

Running time 30:00

How to go from licks to actual music
This video is packed with phrases consisting of several sequences and licks. It gives you an opportunity to learn how to connect what you've learned into phrases that consists of both fast and slower lines. This technique is not only very effective but it also has a very fluent and distinct sound to it - I'll show you how to utilize that in a musical context.

Most of the well known shredders are very good at playing outside the basic timing of the music. Some guitarist play outside and are disconnected from the rhythm as much as 80 % of the time when they solo, and this technique is perfect for that. In this session I'll show you how to practice and master this essential skill.

Running time 30:00

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Over 3 hours of fast paced video


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