A. Build speed and precision with any technique

Find an exercise or a lick that you want to master. Then follow the steps below.

1. Find out how fast you are

What's the highest level at which you can play the lick or exercise without straining your arm or hand? Figure it out and write it down on your tracking sheet

2. Create your inlet

Set the metronome at a level 5-10 levels below your max speed

3. Decide how many reps

Decide on a specific number of repetitions you'll do before you move on to the next level.

4. Practice and move to the top

Practice the lick or exercise at the first speed level. Then, when you've done all the repetitions, move the metronome up one notch. The difference in speed should be almost unnoticeable to you. Then continue until you reach your maximum speed level.

5. Increase the power

If you do not surpass your previous speed level, you should 1. Go back even further on the metronome and start slower or 2. Increase the number of repetitions you do on each level. If you hit a plateau in your development, try doubling the numbers.

B. Use the metronome to guide you

Click the metronome. Then push down the space bar on your keyboard to "wind it up" Then select the tempo at the right hand column.

Metronome by BestMetronome.com

Download the progress tracking sheet

Download progress tracking sheet and measure your progress each time you practice. Measuring makes your progress visible and real to you. It motivates you to work on your skills and becomes proof that you can make it. The tracking sheet comes in three different formats: Excel, open office and PDF. Unzip the file when you have downloaded it to your hard drive and select the format that fits you.